The 2013 Seaside Heights Rental Season Is Here

Kohr's frozen custard stand in Seaside Heights

Kohr’s frozen custard stand in Seaside Heights

The summer is approaching quickly and we will be ready for prom and summer rentals! The property is almost done being cleaned and renovated as well as the pool is being completely redone. The rooms are incredible and make you feel at home. It will be a great place to get away and bring your family.

Also, about 2 blocks down the road is the exciting Seaside boardwalk. They have been cleaning a tremendous amount and have got a lot of progress done. They expect to be opening in May. It’s going to be a very busy summer season.

Seaside Heights Rentals

It’s really a nice place for a vacation. There are arcades, rides, fun activities, and lots of delicious food! The view is beautiful and it’s a very fun and family oriented place to be. So why not take advantage and stay in a place within walking distance to it all.