Getting Excited for your Summer Rental in Seaside Heights this Summer?

Summer is Coming Soon

Kids at the Beach

Kids at the Beach

As I look out the window and see mounds of snow all around it is hard to believe that summer is coming soon. Well, not soon enough but this summer in Seaside Heights is going to be great!

Some of you are coming as early as April, others in the deep summer in July and August. No matter when you come, Seaside Heights is going to be the place to go this summer. All the hype from the show the Jersey Shore will have blown over too and we can get right back to enjoying the beach for the beach, the fun games and rides on the boardwalk, biking down the boulevard or having a cocktail by the pool at your private fenced complex, Surfside Condos.

Come down to Seaside this summer to enjoy the free fireworks, the free movies on the beach. Stay tuned in as the town announces their summer schedule of events. But first, make sure you book a home away from home at for your summer vacation!