A Note About MTV’s Jersey Shore from the Locals

MTV Jersey Shore

MTV Jersey Shore

We are property owners down here in Seaside Heights and have been following the show Jersey Shore all winter. Although not fans of reality shows, we had to pay attention when we saw the house around the corner from us have their garage door painted and movie cameras placed all over. So like a lot of other folks, we tuned in to MTV’s Jersey Shore.

Never thought this show would become as controversial as it did! My wife and I have been hanging at the Jersey Shore beaches all our lives. We never had an issue with any one particular group that came down here.

With that being said, Seaside Heights has a diverse group of people in town during the summer. Everyone comes down for a good time, one persons definition may not be anothers but nonetheless everyone is welcome.

We condone friendly, legal and safe activities. People need to respect each other and stay laid back when at the beach. We don’t care who you are, what nationality you are, what color, what part of the US you are from; everyone should be able to hang at the beach and get along as it is the beach….time for a good time, right?

My wife and my two kids hang at the beach, the boardwalk, the restaurants and hang out at our pool with our guests. Those of us down here in Seaside Heights need to realize our guests are going to come down and they need to be feel welcome.

In closing, we also ask that everyone coming here respect the families, the people and the environment down here at the New Jersey Shore!